United’s vision has always been to create wide usability for cryptocurrency and it remains the same!


Is it possible that in the Future, the whole currency system would be more United?
People can use either the currency of the government or bank, but in the same way they can also…


Russia said it will eliminate the dollar from its oil fund to reduce vulnerability to Western sanctions just two weeks before President Vladimir Putin holds his first summit meeting with U.S. leader Joe Biden.

The National Wellbeing Fund will shift its dollar holdings into euros, yuan and gold, Finance…


IN NEXT 2 month (24 MAY-24 JULY) everyone can get a FREE cryptocurrency, what can be used in almost 50 shops in the first crypto city of the world!


1) Like our Twitter and become a fan in Telegram group.
2) Add your United wallet…

There is a city in the world which is already quite known in cryptocurrency world due the warm welcoming hands towards cryptocurrency community. This city Is Tallinn, the capital of Estonia!

Estonia has been a country where a lot of crypto companies has registered and and licensed.
The country itself…

United owners who own iPhone, have a lot of reasons to be happy this week, since brand new United wallet is now released also for IOS devices.

We have been waiting this day to come for a while now.
We really do love Apple, but for young crypto companies, it…


After long time of searching the right corporate leader for the United team, we are happy to announce that we have found a perfect fit!

As of today the new CEO of United solutions is Lina Triana !

Lina Triana is a mindful woman who desires to create…

United Token

United Token is a cryptocurrency which is backed by real estate.

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