Bidding War Auction Game with United Token- 500$ Winners!

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2 min readMar 27, 2023
Next game already in 4 days!

We had first real game on this weekend and based on the feedback what we receive so far, people really enjoy it!


As every invetion in the beginning, it is not perfect yet. After nearly 3 hours of game time, the glitch in the game ended the fun too early and system sent out winning notification for last 3 users while clock was still running.
Therefore in this game is 3 winners and all 3 will get share from the prize pool.


The winners are Yanoshi, Dawid and Ignatious!
Each winner will get 165 USD in their TRX wallet in next 24h.

Reimbursements for first 5 and last 5 players are also credited back to the user wallets.
Users: Lion,Buy More Uted, Queen, Ignatious Satish,
Yanoshi Utedoto, Lina have their reimbursements in their wallet already today!


As of now we will run a game every week until we will have more users and more winners, then the game will start running more often and there will be more winners with bigger and bigger prizes. We notice that users started chatting in the bids, by changing username with each bid, so we will add the chat box. Besides this, the game upgrade will bring new auction clock what is more accurate and system speed will be improved. We are also creating a simple referral system where people could invite more people to participate.


As the game works fully with United tokens, then more players equals more demand on the United token. Even tho last game was just first of many, the price of UTED in sunswap increase approx 7% in 2 hours.
Our mission as the community the fun with others and more participants will create also higher impact on the value of United!

Next game will happen already this saturday on 1 April 2023.

Link here

Go check the game at



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