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Due the recent movements in crypto market where multiple big cryptocurrency exchanges has been defaulting and resulting billions of dollars of losses for investors,

We suggest our community members to please withdraw your funds what you are not actively using for trading from all centralised exchanges.

Nobody knows which exchanges would be safe until the exchanges themselves make public audits, but until that moment, we will recommend you to withdraw all your coins and tokens to safe decentralised wallets. There are many exchanges who have recently caught media attention due the lack of liquidity, since the deposited user funds are “invested” in different places what has been collapsing due the bearish crypto market.

It means that we recommend also to withdraw your UTED from centralised exchanges including Whitebit and Wollito.

It would be wise to keep your UTED in United wallet, Klever, Trust or Tronlink wallet and make sure you have recovery seed for your wallet, without sharing it for anyone NB: please don´t make screenshots of your seed. It is common security breach and can eventually result the loss of funds.

As we have failed to make UTED API again available in coinmarketcap.com to reflect the trading price publicly and recent communication with them has been extremely bad, we suspect that such behaviour might mean internal issues in the whitebit exchange.

Also few days ago BNB was delisted from whitebit exchange, which might mean that something fishy is going on. Especially because In twitter they say it is delisted and in deposit window it is stated that it is “temporary”

Due the above mentioned issues, we decided to delist United token from whitebit.com to protect our customers best interest.
Delisting will happen This week and as the united tokens are decentralised assets what can be moved only by the user, then we recommend to act fast.

We have already made new listing agreement with an exchange what has shown itself very reliable and we will give announcement about new listing soon.
To prevent some of our doubtful users spamming the new exchange support, we will not announce the name before the listing date is agreed.
Besides above mentioned exchange we are talking with multiple mid size exchanges what will be announced shortly as well after it is confirmed that these exchanges are safe.

Video about what is going on in crypto market, will be released soon as well and added to this article.
Meanwhile, “Coin Bureau” Youtube channel gives very good insights and news daily about movements in the crypto market.

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United Token

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