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All repeadetly asked questions in the telegram group are addressed in this small newsletter.

Please read and share with your peers.



theucube platform Got hacked and damaged in July as already spoken previously and Even tho we have been able to get 90% of the staked coins back from the customer wallets then our teams have failed to gain access to a platform.

The situation is bit more difficult due the reason that we had same IT team who worked on Elitex and previously.

Unfortunately the teams were not delivering us the solutions in the way as we requested and after multiple second chances they were not able to deliver, we chose to end the cooperation Last month.


Until we get people developers who would be able to get in the ucube platform and find the fix. There will be 2 Pools where users are able to Stake the United!

Option 1:

26 of September we will open Farm in one of our partner DEX where people are able to Farm UTED/EX pair and earn daily rewards in EX token(
Since contract is in BEP20 and we still don´t have official Bridge for this, then we will create some kind of manual way for current U-cube stake holders to change their TRC20 token holders to exchange between the 2 blockchains.
We will share this info with Instruction in upcoming week.

Option 2:

There Is Staking pool what is planned to Open on where users are able to stake United and receive USDT and where staking rewards will increase over every month. Initially we believed we will get this pool ready by September, but since couple of weeks ago we started with New Development team, it is more likely to be open Some time in the end of October.


As Elitex Belongs Partially to United Technologies, then The issues are addressed in here as well.


Trading volume, Bugs in the system. Questions about United Card integration


The Volume will solve itself as soon as the United cards are integrated and all people from Monarch and United Community will come to top up the cards in Elitex.

Also there is whole team of people who is in Stand By to start onboarding new projects as soon as the Elitex Bugs are fixed and Saftey report is out.

Elitex has also EU crypto license in process for a while now what should be out in few week time now.

As Also the whole team of Elitex was changed Previous month and new team has spent Past 2 weeks of creating clear Development Documentation and mapping all the weak points, then Progress in the platform will be visible in couple of weeks from now.


Some people believe, the others don´t believe that the card will come.

The journey has been long and legal process of the card has been taken many months longer than expected.

From legal standpoint and connecting the accounts with real Visa cards we have reached on the final stage and we like to believe that first Virtual cards will go in use by first customers already October this year. We can assure that the card process is not made up fairy tale and there is really big company who we are working with to make the card happen.

Cards will be immediately available in 86 countries with current card provider, however we will not release all cards at once, but we start with the most active available regions first.

The reason is simple, we just don´t know yet how big is the price impact on the price, of united and too big price rise is an issue for providing equal amount of liquidity so all the cards would be daily operational. And yes, you read it right, The issue is not low price, but Too high price Due huge amount of card orders.

EXAMPLE: We have approx 25000 cards pre-ordered and if current price is 0.003 USD and we have about 200 000 000 UTED in circulation then all coins could be bought with 600 000 USD. BUT if every member is loading card with 500 usd average in first days, then it creates 12 500 000 USD demand … Price would pump probably 20000% in a day, but would only benefit only the ones who are good in speculation and make damage to liquidity provider (US).

As we want value to have persistent natural appreciation due the utility growth then this is the reason why cards will roll out country by country as per roll out plan.


Issue: data is false and liquidity is low.


We have a lot of Utility creating ideas what are rolling out this year, but Cards is for sure the most important one and above already described how the United demand will increase as the only currency in the card will be UTED and without it, people just are not able to Use it!

We are happy to announce that we have recently hired a new CTO who’s first achievement will be seen already in a week time.

We have already cleaned up the from Coinmarketcap page, since they have huge problems in past months.Same is the issue with Folgory.
As per now please DON´T deposit on Gokumarket and Folgory Until further notice.

We are currently working on getting orderbooks spread fixed in and will bring in a lot of trading in next week and launching trading games again.

Same time we are also working on Pancake and Coinswap and as result we should have correct data and exchanges listed in Coinmarketcap page already by the end of the month.

As additional. We have made listing already in one very high reputation exchange, paid all money and got the contract done, But it will not be announced before we agree on the listing date and campaign what also will be announced in few weeks from now.

We will not announce Exchange info due the negative and dirty approach of some of our competitors who are spamming our partners with FUD mails just with intention to damage our cooperations. When systems are ok and live, of course there it would not influence any longer, but this is the reason why we don´t announce it yet.


The above mentioned new exchange will run in the beginning only in Stellar contract, which is already created!

The Merge with Other chains will happen Via EliteX bridge in November and details will be announced one week prior. We as a company will not sell any tokens besides Initial Liqudity (cannot do it without). Launching price in stellar will be identical with the TRC20 (whitebit) price.

Everyone who wants to Trade In Stellar based United in upcoming exchange, just make sure that You are in our telegram group!

Stellar contract:


Web page will go through an update already before the end of the month and all Data regarding exchanges and partners will be renewed!

Any Questions what you still Might have, please ask from our community manager in Telegram.

With the Best Wishes

Kent Kruusmaa

Founder of United



United Token

United is a cryptocurrency which you can use for everyday purchases directly with partner merchant via United wallet or with United crypto cards, anywhere where

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