After long time of searching the right corporate leader for the United team, we are happy to announce that we have found a perfect fit!

As of today the new CEO of United solutions is Lina Triana !

Lina Triana is a mindful woman who desires to create a better tomorrow for the whole world.

Her brave fighter attitude and strong moral code are the reasons why people respect and follow her. Having a business degree from Tolima University and working nearly 10 years on top of several successful organisations, has given her great experience in marketing, in international business and team management .

Being always very passionate about learning and improving is the very reason why she started looking her way into cryptocurrency world.

Lina believes that cryptocurrency is today at the stage where the internet was on 1998, when It was already known, but not really part of the everyday life. This will change drastically in next 5–10 years and people will use cryptocurrency in daily basis like they use the internet today, she says!

She has been working behind the scenes with United team already for past 1 Month as chief administrative officer and due very strong leadership skills, incredible work ethics and fearless behaviour I offered Lina to become the CEO of United Solutions, what she happily accepted.

First AMA (ask me anything) session with Lina will be held already in this Friday 05.02.21.
Click here to find her on LinkedIn.

All info about the AMA is available in our official telegram group There are many big announcements released in next 3 weeks, make sure that you are in our official groups where all the info is moving.

Stay positive, stay bullish!!

The founder,

Kent Kruusmaa

United Token is a cryptocurrency which is backed by real estate.