New exchange listing & how to use UTED token on BSC chain

United Token
2 min readDec 8, 2022


We are excited to announce that we are now listed on Kanga Exchange.

How to Create an Account on Kanga Exchange

The first step to using Kanga is to create your account.

  • Click on “Register”.
  • Enter the email that you are going to use and check the agreement boxes.
  • Sign in to your mail and activate your account with the provided link and set your password.

How to deposit UTED token on Kanga Exchange

  • log into your account and open the Wallet > Deposit tab.
  • On the sub-menu list select the crypto you wish to deposit, by default the list includes only the cryptocurrency which is already in the trade. This will be the payment accepted by Kanga.
  • Scan the QR code or copy the wallet address.
  • Transfer the equivalent value of the funds and check the status of the money transferred at any time by visiting the “Transfers” tab in your Kanga Wallet. This is how you monitor account balances in your account.

The trading pair is:

Where else can you swap or trade United tokens on Binance Smart Chain?

Currently, people can trade UTED tokens on BSC on Pancakeswap, Radioshack, Coinswap, and Kanga Exchange.


Read more about Radioshack: United has teamed up with a 100-year-old brand

Trade UTED on Radioshack:


UTED trading pair:*1yx8ej4*_ga*MTQwNzIxNDY3LjE2NjMwODUyMTY.*_ga_DG9Y0H69NM*MTY3MDQ2MjMxMy4zNy4xLjE2NzA0NjIzMTMuMC4wLjA.#/swap

Pancake Swap exchange

Trade United on Pancakeswap

Link to UTED trading pair —

Use United tokens to farm EX token:

EX token is Elitex Utility token which is fully in DeFi and can be staked, used, and farmed. EliteX EX token owners have 50% less trading fees in EliteX exchange which is launching soon.

  1. Buy Equal value of UTED and EX token (BSC- Binance smart chain)
  2. Create LP token in
  3. Add LP pair in the farm and start earning. —

EX contract: 0xE787bd27C2fa7518d1944576dc55c2AcEAeDb719

UTED contract: 0x951df2682ff9a963c4243a38d3841c9ba471b8ae — Coinswap SWAP, FARM, STAKE



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