U-LAND- Buy/Sell anything with Cryptocurrency!

U-land Platform is now only few days away from the first release.

Usability is something what we have spoken about for a while, it is something what differentiates us from others and makes us strong.

People who have owned UTED so far have already seen that the price is quite stabile past few months. This means generally that the balance between buyers and sellers has not changed.

This April because of extra usage of United, the balance changes towards higher demand, and United becomes great tool for many entrepreneurs to elevate their business in many ways.


This splits into 4 main categories

  1. BUYER: Who already owns cryptocurrency and is just looking the way to spend it in everyday life.
  2. SELLER: People who want to accept crypto for their products or services give solution for the cryptocurrency owners and earn bigger profits from each sale.
  3. BROKER: Innovator in the Real Estate market who would help the real estate buyers in the new cryptocurrency market
  4. ADVERTISER: Company or individual who wants to advertise their products or services in U-land

Beta version what is being released on 12 April, is meant for Real Estate listings only!

ANYONE can buy, sell or rent their real estate. Properties can be listed to sell or rent with BTC or UTED.

If You own any property today and you have tried to sell it already, but in some mysterious reason you didn´t find the buyer, you should list it to sale for crypto community where it would stand out more and you would get visibility for much wealthier audience.

If you have Apartment and you rent it with Airbnb, get it listed also In U-land for the crypto community! If Airbnb brings customers for youfor 14 days every month, maybe U-land brings you another 14 days. So you should definitely try it.

If you have friends who is in the property business as a seller or a broker, share the info also with them as well.


U-land is currently only for the listings and will not process the payments.

It means that payments happen in the same way as it would happen in any other advertisemen site. In the summer we will activate also on platform payments, postage and many more add-ons what will make platform usage easier!

Anyone can list any properties in U-land for FREE!
Only criteria is, that payment needs to be accepted in UTED or BTC!
The paid services would be only the banner ads OR when listing yourself as broker! And both of these can be paid with credit or debit card directly on the website.


Can you imagine that you are arriving into new city.

You have some cryptocurrency in your wallet and you just open U-land application to see the map what shows all the places around you where you can use cryptocurrency as you use money today.

People rent their apartments, Hotels give the accommodation, the food places sell their delicious meals and when browsing the local marketplace for cars, electronics, or real estate you discover that with U-land Anyone could live the whole life only with cryptocurrency!

Website will be open for public before the midnight of 12 April and will be announced in all of our social media channels!

United Token is a cryptocurrency which is backed by real estate.