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3 min readJul 2, 2021


Even though it seems that a lot of things for the users has not changed in past 2 months, the team of United has been working hard in the backend to make the cooperations what would benefit all United holders in a long run. Now is the time to share the results!


People who has been with us, has seen that price of United has climbed over 0.015 only 3 times this year and generally has been stable between 0.005–0.007 with daily fluctuations of 10%.

For the ones who bought United in The end of April with 0.0025 has been in more than 150% profit since then. Congratulations for all who bought the dip. However not everyone isn’t in profit yet.

To make this project profitable for everyone, we have changed strategy from 1 May what so far has resulted a constant growth of currency price past 2 months.

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Since cryptocurrency market overall has dropped tremendously past few months and growing in these market situations take time, We opened the crowdfunding platform U-cube (www.theucube.eu) where all UTED holders can lend their coins into projects and earn up to 0.2% daily TRON.

This will give every holder weekly extra % while you Wait your UNITED TO GROW.



2 months ago we also opened a platform where we have listed hundreds of real estate offers what can be bought with BITCOIN OR UNITED!

This month we made platform simpler!

Now you can register the advertisement with just few clicks.

Registration of account can be done just with your google or facebook account and listing advertisement is simpler than ever.


United is listed in 4 new exchanges. With at least 8 new currency pairs!

2 of the exchanges is quite big ones!(As whitebit.com where we are listed also today).

We also start again with weekly AMA Sessions to engage bigger community and launching advertisements campaign in major cryptocurrency channels.


In next 3 week period, United will be available besides TRON chain also in BINANCE Blockchain.

People are also able to trade between those currency pairs UTED(tron)/UTED(binance) in one of the exchanges what will be public in next 21 days.


We have ongoing twitter campaign where people can earn free 500000 UTED In total. You should check out and share it with your friend. It will be a fortune one day!

The Founder and CMO
Kent Kruusmaa



United Token

United is a cryptocurrency which you can use for everyday purchases directly with partner merchant via United wallet or with United crypto cards, anywhere where