Create your own LP pair and earn daily EX Token!

Starting from 26 of September 2022 You can earn EliteX exchange Native token EX only in 3 simple steps.

  1. Buy Equal value of UTED and EX token (BSC- Binance smart chain)

EX token is Elitex Utility token what is fully in DeFi and can be staked, used and farmed. EliteX EX token owners have 50% less trading fees in EliteX exchange what is launching within a month.

EX contract: 0xE787bd27C2fa7518d1944576dc55c2AcEAeDb719
UTED contract: 0x951df2682ff9a963c4243a38d3841c9ba471b8ae

www.coinswap.space — Coinswap SWAP, FARM, STAKE
www.elitex.exchange — Elitex Exchange

ask more info in Telegram: https://t.me/unitedtoken1



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