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3 min readMar 23, 2024


There has been significant uncertainty surrounding the survival of the United token following the closure of Unbanked, which brought an end to the United card program. Given that the utility of the United token relied heavily on the usability of United cards, this period has been incredibly challenging for the token’s viability.

Nearly a year has passed since the incident, and although the token has experienced substantial devaluation, it continues to be traded on the Bitmart exchange. Despite the adversity, the remaining members of the United initial team have persevered, diligently working towards the launch of a new card.

Today, we are thrilled to share uplifting news with our community members: a new partnership has been established, signaling a glimmer of hope on the horizon.


As a first step in the partnership with Bitnam for recovering the value of United Token, is to launch USDT/UTED pair with Trading games.
Trading games will start on this Sunday 24 March.

As a Second step, we are launching staking pools at Bitnam Exchange, which will be lucrative option for United holders to earn extra daily rewards.

As third step, the long waited crypto cards.
The crypto cards will be available also outside of EU and people are able to use the UTED with the card as it was with EU cards.
Every customer who has already purchased the United card in the past, can claim their FREE United Card soon directly from Bitnam page.
Cards are expected to be available already in April-May.

United in Multi-chain

United deposit is currently available in BEP20 blockchain. However TRC20 will be added in next 10 Days and Stellar chain also after this.

If You have TRC20 UTED and You want to participate in trading game, then just connect Your Metamask or wallet to dapp.unitedtoken.eu and SWAP it to BEP20.
In case You need any help. Don´t be shy and ask in our telegram group. People are very helpful.

Bitnam.com Features

The goal of Bitnam, is to make crypto simple to use for everyone.

The app, is already available in Appstore and play store what makes buying and selling crypto possible with 3 clicks.

For people who wish to have more advanced features, then just enter via official web page, www.bitnam.com

By the end of the month, the team will integrate multiple options for ON and OFF-Ramping, what gives Users possibility to make deposits and withdrawals with Bank-links and regular bank accounts.

Within next 2 months, we will open options also for different Bots, so the people who are actively doing something else, would be able to enjoy the automated trading systems and copy trade option.


Advanced features such as Margin and Futures Trades are set to be rolled out in April-May, promising enhanced trading capabilities for our users. Following the integration of these options, Bitmart will unveil its PRO-APP for mobile devices, boasting a suite of sophisticated features aimed at establishing dominance in the global cryptocurrency exchange landscape.

In order to support the efforts of our teams and for the fast recovery of United token, go to https://bitnam.com and start start earning profits already today!

Please find your referral link located under your profile. We strongly advise you to personally onboard all your friends before someone else does. By doing so, you stand to earn a share of the profits generated from the trades of your referred individuals, as well as from product sales. Take advantage of this opportunity to maximize your earnings.



United Token

United is a cryptocurrency which you can use for everyday purchases directly with partner merchant via United wallet or with United crypto cards, anywhere where