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6 min readNov 20, 2021


United’s vision has always been to create wide usability for cryptocurrency and it remains the same!


Is it possible that in the Future, the whole currency system would be more United?
People can use either the currency of the government or bank, but in the same way they can also use the currencies of private companies or totally decentralided versions of money.
That merchants everywhere accept those currencies, why wouldn't they, it is normal.
The programs in card terminals or smart devices allow people to use and convert any currency to any other currency, meanwhile collecting all necessary data for accountancy or authorities automatically.

This freedom of choice would create extremely competitive environment what is full of innovation and bright ideas. Consumer could decide and companies would need to get better to stay in the competition.


Can you imagine a world where all the production and innovation could be done only by governments and everyone else would be just banned?
All the innovation and new products would be shut down.
Can you imagine, that Tesla releases a new car and authorities would just shut down the factory because it is disrupting the industry by creating better solutions…
You cannot imagine, right?

This is happening RIGHT NOW WITH MONEY!!!

There are 2 billion people in the world who are “Unbanked” which means too poor to have access to money what they are forced to use.
And solutions are banned by the same ones, who are the creators of this system.
The FIAT system itself is creating extreme powerty, superwealth and massive gap between wealthy and non-wealthy. It creates more corruption, crime and inequality than anything else in todays world and cryptocurrency as free money, is the solution for this.

There are hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrencies created over last decade and still they are far from perfect. Either they are too volatile or don´t hold value during bear markets, some are pretty stable but not scalable enought, some of them are threatened by the big whales who hold majority of the funds and others just cannot create strong enough ecoystem.


When we first started with United, We wanted to create a real estate fund to hold the value stabile and thought that Using Trc20 chain for transaction will fill the need at least in the beginning.
Unfortunately or Fortunately, we did extremely bad in the IEO in Gokumarket . The Exchange did not have a lot of users and we were too naive with our plan.
Long story short, we did not collect enough money with that plan to even start the process.

Looking back today. It would not have worked for the stability of the price.
People come mostly to crypto space with an expectation of investing their 100 dollars and getting back 10000 same month.
We know now, because we opened project in theucube where users get 1 % monthly for lending their UTED out. Nobody really cares about 1% in crypto, when they can riskit all and possibly make 100%.

Most of the market today is like this.. If something does not have instant growth, it is being dropped fast. Which makes the price drop, what leads to the panic and this is how it goes…

It would not matter if company owns gold or real estate assets or has something solid in production.
Users who cause the volatile market and FUD, would just not know about it, because they read reddit posts, not the fundamentals of the companies.

Looking today the strongest cryptocurrencies who set the example in the market are not the ones who are backed by something. Also not the ones who has best solutions for general users, but the ones who has biggest use of utility.
BNB and ETH grew in massive way on liquidity in past years and soon they will surpass the market leader Bitcoin.
Both also have growing ecosystem what creates more usage for those coins, which makes them stronger and more stabile in the market.
Both are extremely demanded due their smart contracts.
Now there are numerous Decentralised Exchanges created every week what works on those blockchains, which means there will be more projects on those two chains and this leads to the growing demand, higher liquidity and higher prices.


Our Utility is usability in the same way as as BNB and ETH has smart contracts.
Since we could not achieve high Utility during the last year and our community is still small, then changes need to be made.

Many of you already know that we have burned half of all the United recently and made several new listings during past few months.
Burn was required for reducing the supply and Listings for increasing demand.
We have planned new listing for almost every month from now on and some of the upcoming ones are pretty big.
Of course listings alone will not get us there, where we want to go.
Users want to see price rise and we want to gain usability.

Imagine now, when hundreds of thousands of people will buy United because they can use it in their local shop, book plane tickets, rent cars and take it out of the ATM. Imagine If it would also grow in price at the same time. It would be something really demanded and loved.


We have worked on the cooperation with Monarch co, to bring United crypto Cards to the market for a while now and i am happy to announce that we are finally here! Presale for the cards started this week and soon we will start selling the cards also in EliteX Exchange and United web.

Every new card user will take United brand further and creates demand for United token in 2 ways.
One, by Using it for his/her needs daily basis and secondly, users who hold United can et much lower Fees when paying fees with United.


Monarch is a network marketing company who’s task is to put United crypto cards to the public market.

Every user who is buying United card in Via Monarch needs to be referred by someone. Monarch is selling card packages starting from 18 eur to 7500 EUR.

18 eur card can be loaded with any crypto in EliteX Exchange, including United of course.
More expensive packages give extra united with each package after the locking period of 1 or 2 years.

Every card given out to a customer, is spreading awareness of United to new community members and monthly card fees can be paid with United, so also the utility for united Increases, what creates more demand and bigger potential for growth.


Supply does not increase during next year at all, but together with more usability, more users and more utility via card, the demand will increase a lot.

This creates the possibility for the new price peaks and for possible gain of momentum. When and how big can be the prices is all speculation what can be done by each reader.

All the coins what will be shared with United cards packages by Monarch, will of course eventually be in the market, but during next 24 months we have time to increase utility via U-cube, U-land gaming and of course the cards and usability of United.
Our community will grow and word about United will start spreading fast.

First Cards will reach the mailboxes of the first clients already in January and this is the product worth waiting for!

Written by Kent Kruusmaa, CMO and CO- Founder of United



United Token

United is a cryptocurrency which you can use for everyday purchases directly with partner merchant via United wallet or with United crypto cards, anywhere where