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2 min readFeb 19, 2024



Over the years, United has seen it´s share of successes and challenges.

We’ve launched numerous apps and even introduced our own crypto cards Which was a significant milestone for our organization.
However, not every endeavor has unfolded as planned. Issues have arisen across various fronts, with the most significant setback occurring when our issuing partner, Unbanked, declared bankruptcy.

In times like these, many companies close down.
The collapse of Unbanked brought uncertainty — belief wavered, support dwindled, and liquidity evaporated. We lost partners, customers, employees, and financial stability. It felt like the end.

However, we didn’t abandon our mission or our people.
We persevered, tirelessly seeking solutions. And today, I am thrilled to announce that United is not only surviving but thriving, with a bright future ahead.

We are actively trading on Bitmart and are reigniting our expansion efforts. Our new partner, Bitnam Exchange, facilitates United token trading and will soon host Next crypto cards, compatible with TRC20, BEP20, and Stellar chains.

Exciting developments, including United farm and enhanced card functionalities, are underway and will be available soon.

Currently, users can easily deposit, trade, and swap United tokens. Additionally, Bitnam will bring convenient on and off-ramp options directly to bank accounts, allowing seamless conversion to local currencies.

While the exact timeline for the release of the next generation of United cards is not yet finalized, we anticipate resolving all issues by the end of March, this time the cards will be available also for the clients outside EU.

For previous cardholders, no further action is required beyond completing KYC verification and confirming their address.

For new members, the pricing and availability will be announced in matter of weeks.

Stay tuned for updates at www.bitnam.com.
This week, we’ll share more exciting news for our United Community!
Stay positive and stay posted.
Happy Bullrun!



United Token

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